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So, you wanna skydive in Zagreb?

There is a 3 ways you can try and experience skydiving above Zagreb. Tandem Skydiving is a perfect way for for those who have never tried it before and want to try skydiving for the first time without having to take a skydiving course. If you are a licensed skydiver then you already knows how does it goes. And third, if you want to start skydiving recreationally or professionally, a skydiving course is right thing to do.

Tandem Skydive in Zagreb

Tandem skydiving and all about your first Skydive in Zagreb

Want to go tandem skydiving above Capital city of Croatia, Zagreb? Skydive Zagreb is located just 10 - 15 minutes south-west of City Centre, in the continental part of Croatia. If you are looking to experience the thrill freefall without having any previous experience, tandem skydiving is a great choice for you.

Tandem skydiving in zagreb faq

FAQ about tandem skydiving in Zagreb

Tandem skydiving refers to a method of skydiving where a student skydiver is connected via a harness to the tandem instructor. The tandem instructor wears a larger than normal parachute capable of supporting two skydivers. The instructor guides the student through the jump from exit through free fall, piloting the canopy, and landing.

Skydive Zagreb funjumpers

Information about Fun jumping in Zagreb

Safety is our main priority at Skydive Zagreb, to avoid disappointment on your arrival please read Safety Rules further on this web page. On arrival, you will receive documentation and equipment checks – this is our internal inspection to increase the safety for yourself and all others on the DZ.

Skydiving courses in Zagreb at Skydive Zagreb

Static-Line Parachuting is an alternative method of getting qualified to the Accelerated Freefall course and only aviable for now in Croatia. One full day of ground-training is all that is required to carry out your first solo parachute jump from 4,000ft.

Make your tandem skydive booking online fast and simple

Our website allows you to make your tandem skydive online booking fast and simple by filling out the online form and paying the deposit in a couple of ways - Revolut, TransferWise, Monese, Curve, Bunq, PayPal and Bank Transfer

Several skydive locations

Near city center

A few kilometers from the center of Zagreb

Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Order gift voucher online, quickly and easily, in just a two steps.

Free transportation & Pickup

Pickup on request

For our clients, we can organise pickup from City Centre

Tandem video editing

High quality video & photos

Upload videos on social networks and sgare it with family and loved ones.

Skydive Zagreb is open year-round

To make possible for you to make your first Tandem Skydive when you want it, Skydive Zagreb is open year-round. If weather conditions allow, we can provide our services even during the winter

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