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About Skydive Zagreb

Skydive Zagreb is part of Skydive Croatia skydiving oraganization and it that gathers a team of highly experienced skydiving instructors who have been part of many world famous Skydiving clubs, companies, dropzones and Skydiving Brands. They utilize all of their combined experience and collected knowledge to allow you to get the most out of your skydiving experience in Zagreb - Croatia.

Skydive Zagreb
  • Former or current members of the Croatian national parachute team
  • International and national ratings and licenses
  • Many years of experience gathered from all over the world
  • New and well-maintained skydiving gear
  • Instructors who don't see skydiving just as their job, but more as their way of life

Skydive Zagreb – the most experienced and friendly skydiving team in Zagreb

Reaching speeds of up to 200km per hour, experiencing the thrill of free fall is something you’ll never forget. After an amazing freefall experience, you’ll float back to earth with a relaxing parachute ride before landing back at the dropzone with your tandem instructor. You’ll be buzzing long after your feet touch the ground.

Throughout your unforgettable experience, you will be harnessed to one of our tandem instructors who have skydived literally thousands of times before.

Don’t forget to capture the moment with one of our awesome camera packages as we can capture every element of your skydiving, making you the envy of your friends. Freefall cam, selfie cam, an exit photo are just a handful of options available.

So what are you waiting for?! Tandem skydive with Skydive Zagreb and tick off the ultimate bucket-list activity with most frendly skydiving crew in Zagreb..

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Skydive Zagreb - Video trailer

Our website allows you to make your tandem booking fast and simple by filing out the online form on following link: tandem skydive booking but also to purchase gift vouchers online in two easy steps: Tandem skydive gift voucher.

We accept several ways of online payments. Beside bank transfer payment, we also accept payments through the following services: Revolut, Monese, TransferWise and Curve. Please choose and check all options on the Payment details page.

Skydive Zagreb
Book your Tandem Skydive today! Gift Vouchers!

Make your tandem skydive booking online fast and simple

Our website allows you to make your tandem skydive online booking fast and simple by filling out the online form and paying the deposit in a couple of ways - Revolut, TransferWise, Monese, Curve, Bunq, PayPal and Bank Transfer

Several skydive locations

Near city center

A few kilometers from the center of Zagreb

Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Order gift voucher online, quickly and easily, in just a two steps.

Free transportation & Pickup

Pickup on request

For our clients, we can organise pickup from City Centre

Tandem video editing

High quality video & photos

Upload videos on social networks and sgare it with family and loved ones.

Skydive Zagreb is open year-round

To make possible for you to make your first Tandem Skydive when you want it, Skydive Zagreb is open year-round. If weather conditions allow, we can provide our services even during the winter

+10000 performed jumps
100% exhilaration