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Find out more about funjumping in Skydive Zagreb

Skydiving in Zagreb for licensed jumpers

Skydive Zagreb is a part of Skydive Croatia and it gathers a team of highly experienced skydiving instructors who have been part of many world famous Skydiving clubs, companies, dropzones and Skydiving Brands. They utilize all of their combined experience and collected knowledge to allow you to get the most out of your Skydiving experience in zagreb.

Information and Documentation required for Check-In

Safety is our main priority at Skydive Zagreb, to avoid disappointment on your arrival please read Safety Rules further on this web page..

On arrival, you will receive documentation and equipment checks – this is our internal inspection to increase the safety for yourself and all others on the DZ. However, as with the nature of our sport, you assume your own risk by using your own or our equipment and taking part in skydives. After the document and equipment checks, all skydivers will undergo a DZ Briefing, landing area introduction and equipment check by one of our Skydive Zagreb authorized personnel.

Documentation required for inspection

  • Current Licence
  • Medical certificate (If required by the rules of the country issuing the permit)
  • Correctly completed and up-to-date logbook
  • Equipment repack documentation
  • Valid and maintained AAD documents

Please note that while Skydive Zagreb will try and facilitate as much as we can, it is any visitor’s responsibility to prove that their own documentation is valid and in date, in a language that can be read by the staff.

Safty rules at Skydive Zagreb


  • AAD
  • Visual Altimeter
  • Audible for any freefly and tracking jumps

No Jumpsuit

  • Minimum 50 jumps in logbook

Full Face Helmet

  • Minimum 50 jumps in logbook


  • Cameras can only be worn with minimum 200 jumps in logbook
  • DZ checks camera helmet –cutaways highly recommended

FORMATION SKYDIVING-Low experience people jumping together

  • Minimum 5 coached jumps in logbook to make 2 ways with someoneof the same experience or more
  • Logbook must show proof of competency of FS skills to match the level of jump CCI discretion regarding 3ways and bigger –FS1 course recommended

FREEFLY(inc.backflying)-Low experience people jumping together

  • Minimum 1 coached jump in logbook to solo backfly/freefly/tracking jumps
  • Minimum 10 coached jumps in logbook to make 2 ways with someone of higher experience
  • Logbook must show proof of competency of FF skills to match the level of jump

FREEFLY/TRACKING(follow the rules in the hangar)

  • Audible altimeter mandatory for all Freefly /Tracking jumps.
  • 1 coaching jump (and cleared by the coach) is mandatory before first solo Freefly /Track
  • Minimum50 jumps to make a tracking jump (only with a coach if less than 50 jumps)
  • 50-199 jumps, maximum tracking group of 3 (including any LO and/or coach)
  • Maximum 1 tracking jumps per load ( including WS) and the Tracking direction is always North. Jumper with Tracking suit are a tracking group
  • Tracking leader must be Belly to Earth and identified to manifest and take responsibility for the jump


  • 200 jumps in logbook with proof of previous wingsuit jumps
  • Wingsuiter musthave their phone with them with the number of the dz office +385 98 801 862
  • Maximum 1 WS Groups per flight
  • Fly bys and XRW are not allowed
  • Wing suit rodeo are not allowed

EXIT ORDER in general:

  • 1stTracking
  • 2stFS groups; big to smal
  • l3rdFFgroups; big to small
  • 4thTracking
  • 5thHigh Pullers and solo students
  • 6thAFF students with instructors
  • 7thTandems
  • 8thWingsuits /Track suit/Tracking groupsif necessary

If you are the designated Jump Master of the load and are unsure of the exit order, please always ask advice from the Chief Instructor or any DZ instructor available to you.


  • Approach area always from the North, swoopers included
  • Low turns are dangerous and not allowed
  • No spiral turns allowed
  • After opening turn 90° from jump run until you see the next group opening


Reserve repack cycles is based on the qualification and federation ofthe person who packed it eg. 12 months (CCAA) Croatia, 6 months BPA (UK), 180 days FAA (US), 12 months DFV (GER), 12months FPPQ (Portugal).

Equipment inspection

  • Please make sure your equipment is suitable for the type of skydiving you intend to do.
  • Please note to be cleared as ‘freefly friendly’, Skydive Zagreb require non-velcro riser covers, exposed main bridle cover, good condition BOC, leg-strap bungee.

Skydive Zagreb reserves the right to stop anyone jumping equipment that we feel is not appropriate for their experience, currency, or the intended type of jump.  This also applies to main and reserve canopy size.

Rules are accurate at time of publication, we reserve the right to update/change our rules at anytime and without notice

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We accept several ways of online payments. Beside bank transfer payment, we also accept payments through the following services: Revolut, Monese, TransferWise and Curve. Please choose and check all options on the Payment details page.

Skydive Zagreb
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Make your tandem skydive booking online fast and simple

Our website allows you to make your tandem skydive online booking fast and simple by filling out the online form and paying the deposit in a couple of ways - Revolut, TransferWise, Monese, Curve, Bunq, PayPal and Bank Transfer

Several skydive locations

Near city center

A few kilometers from the center of Zagreb

Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Skydiving Gift Vouchers

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Free transportation & Pickup

Pickup on request

For our clients, we can organise pickup from City Centre

Tandem video editing

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Skydive Zagreb is open year-round

To make possible for you to make your first Tandem Skydive when you want it, Skydive Zagreb is open year-round. If weather conditions allow, we can provide our services even during the winter

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